How herbicides work

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How Herbicides Work

Although it is commonly known that herbicides are very effective, you might not know exactly how to handle them and how to apply them on your own. These products made up of either organic or chemical components that are designed to help you rid your lawn, garden and farm of unwanted grass or weeds. By killing weeds, these substances carry out their work in various ways, which are geared towards destabilizing the weed itself and making it practically impossible for them to survive or thrive within the treated environment.

There have been cases where one or more types of herbicides have become ineffective, and this is usually due to the plant that forming a resistance against the product, wither due to incorrect applications or lower dosages. This is why it is very important to be prepared and know exactly how much of a particular product you should apply to ensure that the product is effective. There are a wide variety of different products available and they each have their own unique effects and requirements.

Selective: This type of herbicide affects only a specific type of weed, for example, if you are looking to eliminate certain broad-leaved weeds, the product can be applied to the entire are but it will only eliminate this specific plant type and nothing else.

Non-Selective: When this particular product is introduced into any weed infested area, it kills off any vegetation it gets in contact with, whether it is broad-leaved or grassy; they do not target one specific plant.

Contact: These products will instantly kill any weed or plant that it comes in contact with.

Systemic: This refers to products that are gradually being absorbed by the weed or plant, and kills them as it moves through its vascular system.

Foliar Applied: In this case, the product is not applied to the soil, but on the leaves of the weeds. This works by inhibiting protein synthesis within the targeted plant and in turn, stunts the growth of weeds.

Soil Applied: These products, when applied to the soil, work by inhibiting the formation of new cells, ruining the roots of the target plants, destroying chlorophyll and finally killing off the plant.

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