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By Erald Smit
Head of MYFARMWEB™ and Services
Agri Technovation

The term big-data is a buzzword that is often misplaced. This is especially true when it comes to agriculture. Big-data is characterised around volume, variety, velocity, variability and veracity. Agriculture has more than enough of these (Paul Turner, 2017).

Technological advances and the increase in integration of computer software utilised for farming operations assist farmers in finding solutions in managing big agricultural data, as they are now able to implement and use advanced integrated systems that support optimal decision-making at farming level. One such integrated system is the highly innovative developed MYFARMWEB™ platform.

MYFARMWEB™ aggregates various data streams from different sources, including precision agriculture sensors, end user-generated data, soil physical-, soil chemical- and leaf analyses as well as other data pools, and presents it to a farmer efficiently in a simple format through a single point of entry. Allowing farmers easy access all information relevant to their operations, hosted on one consolidated cloud-hosted platform. With immediate access supports quick and informed decision-making, which in turn assists farmers in improving their overall production efficiency.

Latest additions

Initial features on the platform included profitability configuration expansion, the Drill Down Tool and multi-layering of information datasets.

Since then various innovative updates have been implemented, mostly fuelled by user requests. Most recent updates include the following:

Multi-Select on the Smart Layer

Multi-Select on the Smart Layer: Users can now select multiple fields while entering crop information in the Smart Layer. The same crop and cultivar information can be applied over many different fields, which will ultimately save the user time, as individual input for each crop is no longer required. This is especially useful for annual crop farming that requires frequent data entry.

Smart Layer Download

Smart Layer Download: This feature allows users to download smart layer data in CSV or Excel format. The current and historic seasons’ crop data can be downloaded, stored and viewed at the user’s convenience.

New Smart Layer Form: The Smart Layer input form has been upgraded to be more user-friendly while various actions (inputting crop data, viewing past crops, editing and deleting incorrect records) are now easier than ever before.

Coordinates Tool: This feature enables users to select points of interest on the farm and pinpoint coordinates to share with stakeholders.

Hortec Weather Stations

Hortec Integration: Hortec’s integration with the platform has been completed successfully which now allows Hortec subscribers to view their weather station data.

Print Maps: MYFARMWEB™ has introduced a print function that allows users to print the current view. This allows for the ability to save PDFs, which can then be shared with stakeholders via frequently used communication channels such as email and WhatsApp.

Davis Weather Stations

Davis Weather Stations: The successful integration of Davis weather stations is now complete on MYFARMWEB™, allowing users to view current weather and rainfall readings from their Davis weather stations. Further enhancement is underway which will allow
for the inclusion of historical weather trends.

iFly on the Drill Down tool: Users subscribed to the Airbus VERDE™ Bio-Physical parameters can now also view the VERDE™ data in the Drill Down tool analysis, providing users with more information to support improved farming-related decisions.

Precision made easy

The primary goal of precision agriculture is to achieve profitability, efficiency, and sustainability at farm level.

In this instance, MYFARMWEB™ and MYFARMWEB™ Mobile are highly efficient supporting tools – providing their users with easy access to relevant farming-related information, the ability to monitor their crops, pests, soil and weather conditions and to compare layers of data in one consolidated platform, converting recommendations and conclusions into plans of action.

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Laeveld Agrochem’s agents (franchisees) are qualified agronomists accredited by CropLife South Africa (formerly AVCASA).

In each region, agents receive support from experienced Business Managers, enabling detailed recommendations for both corrective and proactive measures on the farm.

Operating as a franchise business model, our dedicated team can assist growers with detailed recommendations to optimise yield per hectare.

Through strategic collaboration with our technology partner, Agri Technovation, we offer innovative solutions such as MyFarmWeb™ and Picklogger™, tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture.

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