Laeveld Agrochem (Pty) Ltd is a member of CropLife South Africa and adheres to the association’s code of conduct.

In today’s competitive and unpredictable agricultural industry, it is crucial to separate the wheat from the chaff, quite literally at times. Progress is, after all, synonymous with good decision-making. Laeveld Agrochem sets great store by the attentive way in which we make the largest variety of top-quality crop protection products across an extended range of categories available to our customers, including:


Spray-modifier adjuvants affect the delivery and placement of the spray solution. They make the herbicide spray easier to aim, reduce herbicide drift in the air, and cause the spray to more readily adhere to the plant.

  Herbicides and insecticides

Laeveld Agrochem focuses on integrated crop solutions for both crop protection and crop optimalisation, disciplines that have been developed to add further value to the producers, as well as the rest of the food chain.

  Biological products

Laeveld Agrochem is a leading player in the South African market, offering a dedicated, highly trained distribution network of franchisees to ensure quality service.

  Soil-enrichment products

Laeveld Agrochem offers a full range of soil improvement products that will have a positive contribution to support and supplement the biological component of soil.


Fungicides prevent and cure diseases that could have a serious detrimental effect on the quality of crops and your profits. Let us help you!

  Efekto & Wonder

Efekto is a market leader in garden and home pesticides with a broad range of small pack insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. Wonder provides gardeners with a mindful, forward- thinking, long-term approach to their gardens.

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  AquaSoil Ecodust

Dust on leaves prevents efficient photosynthesis and hinders germination in flowers. Dust also impairs the operation of plant protection products that form part of integrated pest control programs and therefore has a negative influence on the profitability of agriculture. By applying the product AquaSoil EcoDust together with water, dirt roads can be stabilised faster.

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AquaSoil Hydrogel

AquaSoil Hydrogel is added to planting soil during the planting of orchards. AquaSoil Hydrogel reduces water use. The AquaSoil Hydrogel jelly can be rewetted up to 120 times and still produce the same effective results. In field trials, an improvement of up to 40% in growth and development was recorded.

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Product range

For professional assistance with our suppliers’ products, speak to one of our franchisees.