Use to sanitise and purify water for drinking, cooking, washing, irrigation and processing.

SANITISE: To make something completely clean and free from bacteria.
PURIFY: To remove bad substances from something to make it pure.

Sanitising any water source required for drinking water, irrigation water and processing water.

Active ingredient: Sodium Sulphate


  • INTERTEK Toxicological Safety Assessment has confirmed that the ingredient is safe for human consumption.
  • Purific Water Sanitiser poses no health risk to humans and all other animals with single stomachs when used to sanitise drinking
    water for these recipients.


  • Purific is an effective, non toxic, easy to use water sanitiser.
  • It kills all harmful micro organisms present in the water in 20 minutes.
  • Purific contains a food grade flocculant that binds with particles in suspension in the water and these then sink to the bottom of the container in an hour or two depending on turbidity.
  • The treated water is now “germ free” and clear!
  • It can kill all harmful pathogens in minutes.
  • Ensure the turbidity (cloudiness) is cleared up.


1. 3g Sachet for treating 20- 25L of water

  • Domestic use in areas where water quality is a problem
  • Mostly rural trust areas without piped water

2. 800g Bag for treating SOOOL

  • Any application with a S000LJoJo tank
  • Bigger storage tanks use multiple bags (e.g. 2 bags for 10 000L)

3. 5kg Bucket for up to 150 DOOL

  • Smaller Bulk Water treatment farm dams, reservoirs etc

4. 10kg Bucket for up to 300 DOOL

  • Medium Bulk Water treatment

3. 20kg Bucket for up to 600 DOOL

  • Larger Bulk Water treatment dams, lakes, waste water treatment plants

Aquatico Scientific – compliance with SANS241-1 Drinking Water Standard

Price dependent on quantity ordered