Home Garden Starter Pack

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The  innovative seed packs enables users to plant, cultivate and harvest their own vegetables. It is available in two variants; a summer pack and a winter pack. Each pack also contains fertiliser, a complete set of plant spacing ropes and a user-friendly illustrated guide.


One seed pack can produce about 100kg vegetables on 15 m2 land size.
To use as food supplement for a family of 6 for 6 weeks.


Per Veggie seed pack

  • 3 m x 5 m land
  • Water for irrigation
  • A smart farmer attitude


  • Packs of different seeds (seasonal)
  • Illustrated instruction manual
  • Fertiliser
  • Guide ropes
  • Other utensils for planting

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Baby marrows, green beans, spinach.

Bonus crops: tomato, kale, leaf cabbage, butternut and grey skin pumpkin.

When to plant: Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan
Warmer areas: Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb

Available from September 2022.


Onions, cabbage, spinach.

Bonus crops: Radish, beetroot, carrots and turnips.

When to plant: Feb/Mar/Apr
Warmer areas: Feb/Mar/Apr/May

Only available in 2023.

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Account: AgricultSURE Agri Holdings
Bank: Absa
Account No: 41-0511-9079
Branch Code: 632005

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Number of Veggie Seed packs and delivery in RSA

With the Home Garden Starter Pack, everyone has the potential to become a veggie farmer.

Laeveld Agrochem and AgricultSURE invite you to change lives through agriculture.

The objective of this project is to produce food, reduce hunger, and also to create jobs and agri-preneurs. Most of all, it is to allow everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams within the agricultural domain.

Turn R259 into nutritious vegetables worth almost R2,000.

As seen on the Niche Farmers TV Series.

Home Garden Training

AgriSkills: one day course

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The set-up and planting is easy and enjoyable.

The ropes and instruction manual assist in the layout.

The home garden results.