What are pesticides

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What Are Pesticides

What Are Pesticides and How Do They Help Your Garden?

Gardening is always going to be a tough pastime to deal with when you have pests invading your garden and ruining all your hard work. Anyone that has ever looked after a garden can tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to keep a garden looking good all year round. They will also tell you that you can ‘t afford to allow pests into your garden at any time because they will invariably end up undoing all the work you have done to get it there in the first place.

Pesticides are basically designed and manufactured to prevent, disrupt or even destroy any particular phase of a pest. You will often find them used inside the house to get rid of household pests like cockroaches and ants; however you also get them being used outdoors to help prevent them from taking over your garden and destroying what is left of your handy work.

Any Good Gardener Should Know About Pesticides

You may have a problem with pests in your garden, but using a pesticide might be a disconcerting thought because of some of the effects you might have heard about. The truth of the matter is that you can use specific types of pesticides that are only harmful to the pest it is intended for, and it will not do any harm to anything else. Unfortunately you can’t stop there, because there may be residual after effects that you have to deal with as well.

Making sure that the pesticide only works on the pest takes a careful eye and further steps to prevent secondary poisoning. Birds may eat the dead cockroaches that manage to crawl outside after they have been poisoned, which can in turn poison the birds unnecessarily and they can also die from it. As much as you might prefer to do it that way, the easy route isn’t always the best one because you could end up with a whole lot of other problems arising from the use of pesticides.

What Are Pesticides Actually Used For

In addition to the regular sprays, there are also fumigants, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides that are all aimed at killing off very specific types of pests. Each one has been formulated to be effective on a particular one; however you still need to make sure that there are no secondary effects that are passed on from their use.