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By Dr. Chantal Scholtz (MBFi)

In the constant battle between the producer and crop insect pests, the search for effective and environmentally friendly insecticides resulted in the discovery of pyrethrins. Pyrethrins have become ubiquitous in pest control as they offer a safer alternative to synthetic chemicals, which are associated with harmful, long-term effects on the environment and non-target organisms.

What are natural pyrethrins?

Natural pyrethrins are a group of compounds isolated from the white pyrethrum daisy as a mixture of 6 esters: Pyrethrin I and II, Cinerin I and II as well as Jasmolin I and II, with Pyrethrin I and II being the main components. Research has shown that pyrethrins are very effective insecticidal compounds against a broad range of insect pests, while exhibiting low toxicity to mammals due to their rapid metabolism and elimination.

Upon contact with pyrethrins, an insect’s nervous system is almost immediately affected, resulting in rapid paralysis and death. Pyre- thrins are also highly biodegradable and thus will not persist in the environment, making them the natural choice for a green pesticide.

What is LaflexaTM and how does it work?

Laflexa is an organic contact and stomach insecticide that contains natural pyrethrins in the form of an oil-in-water (EW) micro- emulsion. The nature of the micro-emulsion enhances the stability and effectiveness of the product.

Unlike a conventional emulsion, micro-emul- sions are characterised by extremely small droplet sizes (10 – 100 nanometres) which give micro-emulsions their unique properties such as increased stability, improved solubility, and the ability to deliver active ingredients more efficiently.

The micro-emulsion system is easy to handle and apply, allowing for convenient spraying, while the small droplet sizes ensure uniform coverage with a concomitant reduction in drift, helping to ensure that only the target area is treated

Due to the incorporation of natural pyrethrins, LaflexaTM exhibits a broad range of activity with fast-acting knock-down capabilities due to contact, as well as the effects of ingestion on the nervous system causing rapid paralysis and death.

Thanks to the complexity of the chemical structures for the natural pyrethrins, Laflexa provides a versatile solution as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) programme.

LaflexaTM: Reg. no. L 8548 Act no. 36 of 1947. Active ingredient: Natural pyrethrin 50 g/L. LaflexaTM is a trademark of N Laboratories (PTY) LTD. Reg. no. 2015/165672/07. Marketing and distribution by: MBFi (PTY) LTD. Reg no. 2013/211882/07. Box 1137, Delmas, Mpumalanga, 2210.,

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