Scroll down to learn more about our partners and suppliers.

Scroll down to learn more about our partners and suppliers.

Suppliers & partners

Suppliers & partners

Together, cultivating success.

Together, cultivating success.

Laeveld Agrochem cultivates strong relationships with multinational, generic, and biological suppliers that cultivates success for agricultural producers.

We believe in the power of growth through collaboration and nurturing strong partnerships that foster innovation and success for agricultural producers. It is together that we can cultivate success.

Suppliers & partners


that bind us in a shared goal

Our multinational strategic suppliers have become our partners in making the shared goal of increased food production a feasible reality.

Our extensive distribution network of multinational suppliers have since evolved into key strategic partnerships in bringing world-class crop protection, plant nutrition and technology to agricultural producers.

With our strategic partnerships, we serve the producers, our farmers, to ensure our country’s continued food security. Together, we can cultivate success.

Together cultivating your success

With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, Laeveld Agrochem cultivates strong relationships with multinational, generic, and biological suppliers. These partnerships enable us to offer growers a comprehensive range of chemical and biological crop protection and plant nutrition solutions. Our vision is rooted in a genuine love for agriculture and fuelled by the passion to ensure food security for all. In partnership with Agri Technovation, we offer growers innovative precision farming solutions backed by cutting-edge technology.

We are a member of

CropLife SA

As a proud member of CropLife SA, Laeveld Agrochem is committed to environmentally compatible solutions that ensure sustainable, safe, and affordable food production, and therefore, food security in South Africa.

CropLife SA serves manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of crop protection, public health, and plant biotechnology solutions. Laeveld Agrochem’s network of more than 100 crop advisors (agents) is accredited by CropLife (formerly AVCASA).

Our agents are also supported by an experienced team of technical specialists and business managers. Together we cultivate success.

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More than 100 agents
across South Africa

Laeveld Agrochem’s agents (franchisees) are qualified agronomists accredited by CropLife South Africa (formerly AVCASA).

In each region, agents receive support from experienced Business Managers, enabling detailed recommendations for both corrective and proactive measures on the farm.

Operating as a franchise business model, our dedicated team can assist growers with detailed recommendations to optimise yield per hectare.

Through strategic collaboration with our technology partner, Agri Technovation, we offer innovative solutions such as MyFarmWeb™ and Picklogger™, tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture.

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