Effective solution to control sickle bush encroachment on your farm (Terravusa)

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Sendero® is a water-soluble concentrate for the selective control of woody plant species as listed in grazing, game ranches, conservation areas, forestry, industrial areas and non-cropland.

Certain woody plants are essential for desirable wildlife habitat. Wildlife uses these plants for cover, sheltering for the young and nutrition. However, if left unmanaged, species such as sickle bush out-compete desirable shrubs for moisture and sunlight.

The selectivity of Sendero® allows control of the undesirable brush while having little to no effect on the desirable grasses, even with broadcast aerial applications.

Sendero® translocates to the roots and underground bud zone more quickly and thoroughly than other products. This speciality product is your proven wildlife and livestock habitat enhancement partner.

Sendero® 336 SL is an auxin-like growth regulator herbicide that is absorbed by leaves and roots. The active ingredients mimic plant hormones to disrupt plant growth, leading to plant demise.

Sendero® 336 SL applications can be done by aerial broadcast or by foliar spot application and have no restrictions regarding removing or moving livestock or game animals before product application. It also does not harm sensitive ecosystem fauna.

Pasture & land management

Where sickle bush grows densely, valuable water resources are exhausted, nutrients are depleted, the field’s grazing potential is reduced and dense, impenetrable thickets are formed.

Aerial application is the cheapest and most practical way to reduce encroachment drastically.

Sendero® 336 SL product benefits

  • Sendero® is a synthetic auxin herbicide that disrupts plant
  • Large areas can be treated by aerial application, ideally suited for livestock and wildlife farming.
  • It can be applied with great accuracy to smaller areas by helicopter or to individual trees or shrubs using knapsacks.
  • The product’s efficacy is not influenced by soil clay
  • It does not affect grasses; therefore, natural grazing will not be
  • Grazing potential will immediately improve as treated trees and shrubs no longer compete for soil moisture and nutrients.
  • Restored grazing areas can suppress germinating tree saplings and can prevent bush encroachment.
  • Dead tree material can be harvested two years after application to generate firewood or charcoal income and subsequently job creation.
  • Aerobic microbial degradation is the primary route of breakdown in the
  • Groundwater contamination potential is low because of low use rates combined with moderate soil half-life.

Always use as per label recommendation. Sendero® 336 SL contains aminopyralid and clopyralid.

Reg. no. L10569 I Act no. 36 of 1947. TerraVusa Pasture and Land Management. Reg. no. 2011/006806/07.

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