Madumbi’s winter Lucerne and pasture guide

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Eco-Rhiz Lucerne® is supplied in conjunction with Eco-T® as a twin pack. Eco-Rhiz Lucerne® is a bacterial inoculant containing Sinorhizobium meliloti strain RF14 for fixing nitrogen in the root nodules of Lucerne.
Eco-T® works synergistically with the Eco-Rhiz Lucerne® inoculant enhancing root growth and nodulation. Eco-T® contains the fungus Trichoderma asperellum which helps suppress root diseases and enhances plant growth.

Madumbi Humate granules ®is an excellent product for improving physical soil properties, essential to the foundations of a long-term holistic approach.

Eco-Rhiz Lucerne ®
(Reg. no. L9273, Act 36 of 1947)
Madumbi Humate Granules ®
(Reg. no. B4797, Act 36 of 1947)
Eco-T Ezi-Flo ®
(Reg. no. L9276, Act 36 of 1947)
Rhizobium are present in nature but may be insufficient in numbers or the incorrect strain.Improves soil structure, moisture and nutrient retention properties of
the soil.
Controls root diseases associated with root wilting complex (e.g. Fusarium, Sclerotinia, Pythium etc.).
Inoculation ensures effective
nodulation and maximum
N. fixation.
A natural microbial stimulant,
improving microbial activity in the soil.
Increased root growth due to
increased auxin availability.
A cost-effective alternative to
synthetic applications with residual Nitrogen held in the soil after harvest for follow-up crops.
Maximises fertiliser efficiency,
reducing leaching and nutrient lock-up in soil, especially under extreme alkaline or acidic conditions.
Increased nutrient uptake with reduces plant stress via Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR).
Adequate Nitrogen improves crop quality, uniformity and ultimately yield.Buffers fertiliser applications
preventing extreme pH situations.
Safe, residue free product with no negative effects on the environment.


  • As a seed treatment mix one 50g Eco-Rhiz Lucerne® sachet and one 10g Eco-T® sachet in 200ml cold tap water. Mix well and apply to 25kg Lucerne seed. Plant seed after inoculation, not exceeding a 3-day pre-plant treatment period.
  • If applied via irrigation systems, mix two 50g Eco-Rhiz Lucerne® sachets and two 10g Eco-T® sachets in 200ml cold tap water; add to irrigation system application tank. Treats 1 ha.
  • Apply Madumbi Humate granules ® at a rate equivalent to 5% of the fertiliser blend. Do not exceed 10 kg per ha when banded or 20 kg per ha broadcast.
  • Eco-T Ezi-Flo® is specially formulated for dry application onto seed in the planter. Apply at a dose rate of 1g per kg seed, with a minimum of 50g per ha for pastures.
  • For more details on application rates, refer to the relevant product labels or contact a Madumbi representative.
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