We were hungry for a sustainable solution to poverty.

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In a world where the battle against poverty remains an ongoing challenge, it’s encouraging to see organizations stepping up to provide sustainable solutions.

AgricultSURE, in partnership with Laeveld Agrochem and Betereinders, is thrilled to support smallholder farmers creating a sustainable path towards a brighter future for these communities.

Watch the video of the inspiring work being done by AgricultSURE, Laeveld Agrochem, and Betereinders, their mission and the impact they’re making on smallholder farmers’ lives.

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More than 100 agents
across South Africa

Laeveld Agrochem’s agents (franchisees) are qualified agronomists accredited by CropLife South Africa (formerly AVCASA).

In each region, agents receive support from experienced Business Managers, enabling detailed recommendations for both corrective and proactive measures on the farm.

Operating as a franchise business model, our dedicated team can assist growers with detailed recommendations to optimise yield per hectare.

Through strategic collaboration with our technology partner, Agri Technovation, we offer innovative solutions such as MyFarmWeb™ and Picklogger™, tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern agriculture.

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