The Advantage of using Quality Adjuvants during different stages of Agricultural Sprays

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Agricultural sprays consist of three stages: tank, air and target. Various factors are present during each of these stages. If not known, acted upon or even avoided (if required), these factors may risk sprays to be less effective,insufficient or even damaging. Below is a condensed summary of examples of these factors and their potential risk during spray activities (based upon the original model from Ebert and Downer).

Managing or reducing spray risk always include Good Agricultural Practices. These practical measures include adequate tractor speed, applicator distance from target,

nozzle types, spray pressure, rates of chemicals used, types of chemicals etc. A Good Agricultural Practice may even be the postponement or avoiding of a spray like during windy conditions.

In addition to Good Agricultural Practices, adjuvants are valuable assets to reduce risk and optimize agricultural sprays. Adjuvants are chemical products used in spraytank
water with agricultural remedies/ fertilizers to enhance their efficacy. They are primarily divided into two groups based on whether their effect is towards the agricultural remedy (“Activators”) or the carrier, i.e., water (“Water conditioners”)

Hygrotech South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Miller® Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC (USA based) formulates quality activator and water conditioning adjuvants. These adjuvants are suited to optimize agricultural sprays within the various stages of agricultural sprays – the ADJUVANTAGE concept.


A liquid ammonium sulphate-based adjuvant for use with glyphosate and sulfosate containing herbicides. In the spraytank water sulphate anions (from ammonium sulphate) react with various cations, such as calcium. As a result, calcium sulphate is formed. The cations can thus not react with glyphosate or sulfosate to limit its efficacy.


A water-soluble acidifier with buffering properties to be used with alkaline sensitive agricultural chemicals.

Hygrobuff 4

An adjuvant for optimizing spraytank water pH and increasing the compatibility of various agricultural products in a tank mixture. Also acts as a wetting agent with tank cleaning capabilities.

Mist Control® 

An adjuvant for drift retarding and improving deposition of agricultural crop sprays. Ideally suited to be used with herbicide applications, reducing the risk of spray drifting away from the intended target. The latter can result in reduced weed control or damage to other crops not earmarked for the herbicide application.

Nu-Film® P, Sustain® and Nu-Film 17

These adjuvants are part of the Pinolene® product range, originating from pine resin. The products are designed to control the lifespan of agricultural chemicals on the target. This happens by means of benefits during application, as well as benefits after application (over time). Benefits during application may include reduction of volatility, improved adhering and deposition on the target, as well as spreading of spray droplets on the plant surface. Contributing thus to more agricultural chemical on the target during application. Benefits favoring the agricultural product on the target after application may include improved rain fastness, reduced UV and heat degradation, improved absorption ability and redistribution. Nu-Film P and Sustain are very similar products. However, Sustain’ s formulation is more focused on soil applied products. Nu-Film 17′ s formulation is more suited for crop applications with longer spray intervals such as subtropical fruit and citrus.


Improves adhering and spreading of spray droplets on the plant surface but is especially formulated to improve the movement of systemic products into plant tissue. The latter include water or oil soluble products.

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