Introducing MOBIOSTIM (Monutrix) A plant-based growth stimulant that helps trees produce more fruit, every year

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By Sam Worthingzen and Gerhard Cronje

The strength behind its innovation is simply harnessing the ingenuity of nature. It is in the category where new plant based (growth) technologies lead to better sustainable solutions for crop production, quality and yield.

One of the ingredients to MOBIOSTIM is Moringa, its formulation unlocks the incredible immune and growth boosting compounds of this high nutritionally dense plant that are not found in that ratio in any other natural plant in the world, nor fully replicable by artificial substitutes.

Antioxidants – Plant antioxidants function as redox buffers that interact with numerous cellular components and influence plant growth and development by modulating processes from mitosis and cell elongation to senescence and death. Antioxidants are essential for plant life since they are involved in complex metabolic and signalling mechanisms. They protect plants by producing phytoalexins e.g., isoflavonoid structures, in response to microbiological and fungal pathogens invasion.

Isothiocyanates – Powerful immunity and health boosting bioactive compounds – this is a key compound to the strength behind MOBIOSTIM.

Cytokinins – Powerful growth hormones, including zeatin, which promote cell division (leading to growth), nutrient mobilisation and plant longevity. Cytokinins also counter act the abscisic acid in tree crops which cause flower and fruit drop.

Amino Acids – They are the building blocks of life (of proteins) and play a role in every physiological system in plant tissue. Contains 9 essential (externally sourced) amino acids. Proteins build plant muscle / vigour, produce enzymes & hormones, repair damaged tissue, transport nutrients, prevent disease, and carry out various other biochemical functions and reactions. Supports a more efficient nutrient uptake in the root system.

Anti-Inflammatory Compounds – Core to immunity. Able to suppress cellular damage and inflammatory enzymes brought on by abiotic and biotic stresses.

Nutrients – Helps cellular development, growth, repair and health. Builds stronger plants. Bolsters immunity and ability to convert food into energy. Supports the generation of action impulses.


  • MOBIOSTIM gives plants / crops access to Isothiocyanates (ITCs) without going through the metabolic process to generate it themselves under stress. It is a natural defence mechanism against pests and insects (via taste & smell).
  • Inhibits weed growth and makes more soil nutrients available to the crop.
  • Cytokinins (plant hormones) boosts plant defence by reacting with natural plant salicylic acid.


  • Isothiocyanates improve resistance to bacteria and pathogens thus enabling the plant to devote more energy to growth with an enhanced nutrient profile.
  • Supports biotrophic pathogens that are synergistic to plant health.l  Improves cell cycle regulation and carbohydrate transport.
  • Boosts health by its ability to suppress cellular damage and the inflammatory enzymes that cause disease.


  • Isothiocyanates unlock extra energy for growth and improve plant vigour.
    Cytokinins increases Mitosis (cell division) and thus give more cells for growth. Helps cell elongation and cell differentiation. Improve root growth and shoot growth.
  • Cytokinins counter act abscisic acid in tree crops, which cause flower and fruit drop.
  • Gives access to key and essential amino acids which are the building blocks of life (proteins); supporting metabolic processes.


  • The ingredients for MOBIOSTIM are sourced from sustainable tree plantations which support the environment through carbon sequestration. There is no known incompatibility with other products and it is not harmful.


  • Increases immunity, disease resistance and biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.
  • Amino acids support stronger, healthier and better-quality crops.
  • Increases crop vigour.
  • Better plant health leads to more efficient physiological processes.
  • Promotes natural cell division (growth), fruit development (more flowers develop into fruits), shorter growing cycles (bears fruit earlier), accelerates seedling growth.
  • Increases yield, size and number of crop, less fruit drop.
  • Strengthens root structure and growth. More efficient nutrient and water uptake. Plants are more drought tolerant.
  • Complements good farming practices. Is an input for organic agriculture and is made from sustainable sources.
  • A replacement for chemical alternatives.


  • Greater peace of mind on crop quality and performance.
  • Increases confidence that you will get good yields and boost harvest size.
  • Better financial returns through higher income, profit margins and better ROIs.
  • Improves access to market as crop bear fruit earlier and for longer periods.
  • Improved crop quality is more marketable for export.
  • Happier retailers and consumers as better-quality crops look better, have a longer shelf life, and improved nutritional profile.
  • Gives greater assurance on a quality supply.
  • The improved crop health has a positive impact on reducing pesticide use.

Application for tree crops (e.g., avocados, citrus)

Spraying avocado and citrus at flowering and fruit set dramatically increases yield because the Cytokinins in MOBIOSTIM counter act the abscisic acid which causes flower and fruit drop. From the trial data shown, avocados, sizes are also increased due to the benefit Cytokinins give in increased cell division, and thus promoting fruit growth.

The chart shows trial results from two farms in Limpopo and are reflective of other farms’ trials.

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